The calendar in this world contains ten months of four nine day week apiece for a total of 36 days per month and a grand total of 360 days per year.

The months are:
Battle Moon
Earth Moon
Mortal Moon
Insight Moon
Redemption’s Moon
Hero’s Moon
Sky Moon
Dusk Moon
Banished Moon
Judge Moon

There is a month for each of the gods while the major gods govern the seasons. The months of Insight, Redemption and Heroes fall under the warm season of Creation. Battle, Judgement and the Banished are in the frigid domain of Destruction. And the domain of Change is split into two parts, Earth and Mortal and Sky and Dusk.

As previously mentioned there are nine days of the week. Each day, however is known by two names. There is the scholar’s, and some might say original, name for each day and then there is the common name for each of them.

The common names are: Aldsday, Thersday, Linsday, Risday, Ilsday, Lesday, Rasday, Utsday and Elsday.

The scholar’s names are: Heraldsday, Uthersday, Carlinsday, Rirsday, Emenilsday, Laelsday, Corasday, Orgutsday and Haelsday.


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