Major Characters

Hounds of Brethos

Commander Constantine Bayleaf
Anton Steelbreaker
Ophelia Pendleton
Nicolas Pendleton
Joseph Curnai
Jace Herondale
Max Lightwood

Hounds of Brethos Support Staff

Marta Underhill
Jessica McKnight
Gimble Lordain
Remmy Wilson

Former Hounds of Brethos

Darcy Fairchild
Rhialla Carstairs
Zoren Lightwood
James Carstairs
Nynave AlTor
Shun Lao
William Herondale


Eugenia “Auntie” Bayleaf
Patricia Brekkar
Greggor Skaldwyn
Shizune Ieyunaga
Shaun Blair
Melawen Bayleaf
Amras Bayleaf

Champions of Light

Reinheart McCall
Niobe Mar’a

Seven’s Army

Lord Bonestorm, aka Seven
Anti-Paladin, Name Unknown
Lord Balsh Petrachen


Governor Aurus Fairchild
Aya Fairchild
Vincent Fairchild
Hope Fairchild
Rear Admiral Walter Tamarin

Bay City

Madame Scarlet
The Orphans
Alec Lightwood
Magnus Lightwood

World Leaders

King Lucius Nightlark of the Tieflings
Guildmaster Uther Cartwright of the UACG
King Oliver Norton of Chatora
Chairwoman Helena Tsang of Roeman
Elder Dahlia Bayleaf of the Elves
High Justicar Bereatha Ignus of the Drow
House Speaker Kaleb Eudrin of Tian
King Cardagre Understone of the Dwarves
High Councillor Niah Lamashtu of the Gnomes
High King Torvald Snowmane of Ingjard
Emperor Ryou Ujina of Turos
King Patrick Outhre of Aethon
President Julius Kromwell of the NTF
High Admiral Artemis Stormwind of Theroll
Chief Executive Officer Talia Goldbloom of the Halflings
Grand General Gabriella Verlac of the Vigillant
King Amous Bela’hir of Peras’l

Major Characters

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