Myths and Legends

Even in a world where wizard is a profession and dragons walk the earth, there are still things out there that people would call myths or legends. These are the things that are truly strange in the world.

The Exiled

The Exiled are a group of demi-gods that have devoted themselves to the corruption and mockery of the ideals represented by the gods. They fear the wrath of the gods should they ever be found so they work in secret, excercising their will through worshippers and cultists that do their bidding. Some worship one Exiled, some worship them all and some pick and choose a couple. The Exiled are varied but they all have one thing in common: You don’t want to get on their bad side

Maendal, Mockery of Death: Source of Necromancy

Thrask, Mockery of Intelligence: Source of Mindless Beasts

Khalimut, Mockery of Judgement, Patron of Thieves and Assassins

Quixist, Mockery of Life: Spreader of Disease and Decay

Nymador, Mockery of Freedom: The Clairvoyant Exiled

The Fey

Somewhere in the hidden corners of the world live two sisters, two queens from which all fey arise.

The Summer Queen
The Winter Queen

The Torn

Many strange and dangerous creatures roam this world, but none more strange and dangerous than the Torn. The Torn are horrifying twisted creatures of stretched and warped humanoid forms with gaping maws of row after row of razor sharp teeth. They are infamously difficult to kill and are very rare to see. What is feared the most about them though is their scream. Their voice devours sound and absolute silence precedes their arrival. During an attack by the Torn, no one can hear you scream.

Myths and Legends

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