The Neutral Territory of the Free

Capitol: Bay City

Geography: The Territories are mostly temperate plains interrupted by a few forests of varying sizes. On the whole, the nation is fairly flat which only changes as you approach the foothills and mountains to the east.

Economy: The largest industry in the Neutral Territories is agriculture due to the large amount of farmland it contains for its relatively small population. Much of its trade comes through Bay City where its major exports of vegetables and grains are shipped to other nearby nations. Caravans also carry goods south to Theroll and then continue on to the halfling territory. Despite the relatively safe shipping routes between the Neutral Territories and Turos, the two don’t have much trade interaction largely due to the amount of overlap in production between the two nations. The Neutral Territories are decidedly absent from the slave trade, having made slavery illegal with their founding.

Culture: Being a relatively young nation, the NTF hasn’t had much time to form a national identiy for themselves. They are formed from escaped slaves, former and current barbarians and witches so their cultures are fairly diverse. Home to people from all nations and races, the NTF is a place where one may find any culture on the planet in small pockets but overall it tends to lack any sort of cultural unity as a nation.

Law and Government: The Neutral Territories are ruled by an elected president, the current one being Julius Kromwell. The main body of the Territories’ government is housed within the capital of Bay City. The president is the main speaking member of the senate, of which there are 20 members at any given time. Having been founded on the ideals of freedom, the NTF have had problems determining the best course of action for law enforcement, trying to find that happy medium between order and freedom. This results in a fairly high crime rate, though certain interested parties have been known to take the law into their own hands in some circumstances.

Major Cities: Lucan City, Salt Harbor

Major Holidays: Founders Day: The 9th of Hero’s Moon

Military: The NTF lacks much in the way of a sizeable military due to its relative youth and peaceful stance, but they do officially have one. Their forces are mostly naval due to their proximity to pirate infested waters, however it is very small compared to the navies of some of the surrounding nations and the same can be said of their army.

Important History: A thousand years ago, the NTF was just an unaligned section of land belonging to no country and home to barbarians and witches. That all changed when a slave uprising in Theroll brought several hundred slaves to the shores of this unaligned land. Having escaped their captors, they traded with the local tribes and made homes there. Soon, others saw that civilization had popped up where previously there was none and people began to move there, eager to make their fortune in this new land. Since then it has grown dramatically into the nation it is today.

The Neutral Territory of the Free

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