The Tiefling Kingdom

Capitol: The Albatross Citadel

Geography: A series of cold, rocky islands. Very little vegetation.

Economy: The economy of the tiefling nation revolves entirely around piracy. Their industries and services cater almost exclusively to pirates, whether that be servicing their ships or weapons or offering relaxation and entertainment. Alcohol and gambling are two of their largest industries. And many merchants from nearly every nation that find themselves needing to travel through the eastern sea, do trade in the Tiefling Kingdom, because they know it’s the surest way to prevent being attacked by pirates.

Culture: Tiefling culture is heavily influenced by pirate culture which in turn is influenced by the nationalities of each individual pirate and pirate crew. This means that the Tiefling Kingdom is a place where you can find influences from all over the world. The coast acts as kind of a cultural filter in a way. On the coast, direct pirate culture is very prevalent because that’s where you find pirates, but as you get more inland the pirate part of the culture quickly fades, but the multinational influences that pirate culture carries stay resulting in a very different kind of place. Many visitors only ever visit the coast so they can find it surprising to find that a very large number of tieflings tend to be very cultured people despite their close relationship with pirates. This relationship is actually what allows this lifestyle to thrive inland, because the pirate influence on the tiefling economy has created a very affluent nation.

Law and Government: The Tiefling Kingdom is ruled over by a king, the current one being Lucius Nightlark, who rules from the Albatross Citadel in the center of the largest island. Due to some very fortuitous circumstances, tieflings have to spend very little on law enforcement. A series of treaties and agreements between major pirate fleets has resulted in pirate crews largely behaving due to a general philosophy of, “Don’t shit where you eat.” Because of this, crime is surprisingly sparse on the coastal sections of the city. Inland, crime is also very limited and laws are enforced by a small, yet very effective police force. The Tiefling Kingdom is a slave trade legal nation, however slaves are not traditionally kept within the nation, it usually just acts as a place for trading them, which results in more money for the tieflings.

Major Cities: Black Flag Bay, Corgara, Ashvale

Major Holidays: The King’s Birthday on the 24th of Earth Moon and Day of Tiefling Salvation on the 20th of Dusk Moon

Military: The Tiefling Kingdom actually has no official military to speak of, however they do have treaties signed with nearly every pirate crew that passes through their harbors that mean that they will all come to their aid in a time of need. So while they officially have no military, in practice they could rally the world’s largest navy.

Important History: Tieflings were once a band of marauders that pillaged their way across the coast along the eastern sea. They were especially a problem for the economically focused halflings. Eventually, the nations of that area banded together and struck out against the tieflings, forcing them out to sea to the rocky islands they now call home. Unable to grow any kind of crops and with the season of Destruction on the way, it seemed that many tieflings would starve and their race would end before too long. That is until the pirate ship Albatross made port and captain Roberts offered them money and supplies in exchange for safe harbor from the drow Justicars pursuing them. This sparked the industry that not only saved the tiefling race, but also made them incredibly rich.

The Tiefling Kingdom

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