Dervishes of Dawn

Description: The most famous group of caravan guards in Peras’l. Many from outside the country think of them as mercenaries but any who express that to their face usually find a sword in their own. They favor a fighting style involving rapid movement and twin scimitars.

Location: The operate all over Peras’l and none know the oasis routes better than they do, but their main headquarters is in the capitol.

Membership: Only those native to Peras’l may join the Dervishes and members join very young to begin their training. Members may come and go as they please but every member accepts many marks of judgement on themselves when taking their oaths to gain full membership preventing them from revealing their secrets.

Leadership: The leader of the Dervishes is referred to as the Dawnmaster and is usually the oldest and most experienced member. The Dawnmaster is usually also the most proficient member whose service is reserved for matters involving the royal family themselves.

Purpose: The Dervishes protect the secrets and trade of the Kingdom of Peras’l through the treacherous desert that makes up the majority of the nation. They are prepared to lay down their life for the good of their people. And make a fair bit of gold doing it.

Symbols: The symbol of the Dervishes of Dawn is two crossed scimitars over a rising sun.

History: Originally just a mercenary group, the Dervishes became so much more over time as they proved themsevles capable time and time again in the escorting of caravans through the wastes. Through their years of escorting they have learned all the trade routes used in Peras’l and its desert, making them the most knowledgeable group on the topic of that desert.

Dervishes of Dawn

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