Hospitaler's Guild

Description: A decidedly neutral group dedicated to healing the sick and injured. They charge nothing for their services but they do accept donations. They are few in number but they do what work they can.

Location: They have no set headquarters and exist all over the world. Some clerics will join the order and place their symbol on their door to let people know they can come there for healing as well as other traveling members who need a place to stay. Many members choose to wander, drifting from place to place offering help to those that might not get it otherwise.

Membership: Any with the ability to heal can join the guild. Joining means that you take a vow to never charge for healing services and never harm a living creature, even in self defense, though a large portion of the time membership in the guild provides protection in itself because people recognize the service they provide.

Leadership: They have no leadership structure of note and no real leader due to their nebulous structure. Years spent in the guild acts as a general format for structuring hierarchy though it is usually not necessary.

Purpose: The purpose of the Hospitaler’s Guild is the preservation of life and health. They have no political affiliation or agenda they seek only to heal the sick and injured wherever they find them.

Symbols: The symbol of the Hospitaler’s Guild is the symbol of life as found through the holy symbols of Rhiost and is put on the clothing of every member and all of their houses and places of work.

History: The guild was founded by one original member whose name has been long forgotten who traveled around healing whoever he could and preaching non-violence. As he traveled those he healed came to admire him and several began following in his footsteps. Since his time the guild has grown and they’ve gained a name but their purpose has stayed the same.

Hospitaler's Guild

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