Rhialla Carstairs

Rhialla Anne Carstairs

Race: Aasimar

Class: Paladin of Freedom

Diety: Serbeal

Companion: Odin (White Horse)

Birthday: The 34th of Insight Moon

Current Age: 105

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 110

Physical Description: Long silver hair usually kept in a braid, aquamarine eyes. Somewhat short in stature, athletic build built from years of horseback riding.

Born: In Vigilant, to Tiberius and Juliana Blackthorn, who died when she was only two. She has vague memories of them at best.

Lived In:
The Vigilant (Birth – 30)

The Neutral Territory of the Free (30-105)

• Winter Court (Current Residence)


The Hounds of Brethos (60 -105)

• Stable master for the Institute of the Neutral Territory of the Free (85 – 105)

Fighting Style: Mounted

Favored Weapons (in order of preference):

• Heavy Flail

• Composite Longbow

• Lance

• Scizore

Skills: Crafting longbows, diplomacy, handling animals, healing, knowledge of religion and nobility, riding, sensing motive, crafting spells, managing a stable, anything and everything regarding horses.

Languages Spoken: Common, Celestial, Roemani


Spouse: James Carstairs

Birth Family: Juliana and Tiberius Blackthorn

Known Allies: James Carstairs, Balthazar, William Herondale, Darcy Fairchild, Zoren Lightwood, Commander Constantine Bayleaf, Remmy Wilson, Marta Underhill, Malachai, Nynave AlTor, The Winter Queen.

Known Enemies: Alizsah. Anti-Paladin, name Unknown.

Known For:Rhialla Carstairs is a former Hound of Brethos, a position she held for the majority of her life and one which she took very seriously. She’s a skilled rider, feeling more comfortable on horseback than she does on her own two feet. For a time, she was more often found sleeping in the stables than in her own bed. She’s a strong-willed woman who will fight to protect those she loves and trusts.
And while no public connection has been made, there are rumors linking Rhialla to the Red Woman of Tiefling legend.

Character History: Rhialla was born to Tiberius and Juliana Carstairs, both Hounds of Brethos for the Institute in Vigilant. Eight years after her birth, she lost both parents when they were stationed at a Hound outpost. Her parents’ friend, Balthazar, a Bard also employed as a Hound of Brethos, took her under his wing, raising her as if she was his own daughter.

When Rhialla was thirty years old, she was abruptly sent away from the Institute in Vigilant, sent to the Hounds in the Neutral Territory of the Free. She made the journey alone, with no real explanation from Balthazar as to why she must leave.

When Rhialla arrived at the new Institute, she was a very quiet, shy girl. It was then that she met James Carstairs and William Herondale. She grew close with both boys, and when the three of them joined the ranks of the Hounds of Brethos, they were an excellent team. When Rhialla was 67, Jem and Rhialla began dating, and they were married a year later.

Rhialla befriended Darcy Fairchild upon her arrival, helping the girl acclimate to life at the Institute and turning a blind eye to any of her less-lawful antics. She was even willing to lend a hand if Darcy needed her help, which she rarely did. But Rhialla just made sure the girl knew she was there. She almost had a motherly attitude toward Darcy, possibly stemming from the fact that she could not have children of her own.

Rhialla had been aware for a while that a Tiefling pirate named Alizsah had her eye on Jem. She never considered the woman much of a threat, until the day came where Alizsah proved exactly how much Rhialla had been underestimating her. Rhialla had to watch while Alizsah fatally wounded Jem, leaving Rhialla to drag him, barely alive, to someone she thought might be able to help. She knew those in her occupation were supposed to be opposed to the Exiled, but with them being the only ones close enough to do anything, she tried her best to get them to help her save her husband. The Exiled, of course, refused, and Jem passed away shortly after.

On Rhialla’s first mission back in the field after Jem’s death with Darcy, she caught wind of a Tiefling pirate ship somewhere in the vicinity. A sort of blind rage took her over, and she took off, spending the next few months tearing her way through every Tiefling pirate ship she could find, just trying to find someone who could point her in the direction of Alizsah. Darcy finally brought her home, and she spent the next month coming to terms with what she’d done. It was then that Rhialla became a Paladin, worshiping the god of Redemption, trying to find a way to atone for what she’d done.

When Zoren Lightwood came to the Institute, Rhialla didn’t like him at first. Because he made the mistake of trying to enter Rhialla and Jem’s room, a room that Rhialla herself didn’t spend much time in, preferring to sleep in the stables on the odd chance that she actually slept. But she grew to trust Zoren eventually when he joined the team with her and Darcy. She’s more of an observer when out in the field, doing her best to diffuse situations whenever she can and holding her own in combat.

When she learned of a way that Jem could be resurrected, Rhialla threw herself into trying to track down the diamond required. When the diamond was finally located, they wasted no time in making the journey to Three Rivers, where Rhialla was told that her husband could not be resurrected, since he had, in fact, moved on. This news devastated Rhialla, to the point where she was ready to seek death whenever she had the chance, because that would be the only way she would get to see Jem again.

The opportunity arose a few days later, when Seven, the bone tornado they’d semi-adopted in the hopes of better understanding him, almost killed the Commander and stole armor and orbs from the Commander’s office. Rhialla attacked him, trying to goad him as much as prevent him from escaping. Seven dropped her forty feet to the bottom floor of the Institute, before following her. He bit off her hand, and just when Rhialla was sure he was about to kill her – an idea she was strangely at peace with – an angelic figure entered the Institute, telling Seven to “stay away from my wife.” When he turned to her, it was then that Rhialla recognized Jem, more alive than ever. Her husband was back.

From there, Rhialla’s life got a lot better – aside from the army of golums that crashed her second wedding. And the time she got ripped apart by a zombie horde. And the time she was kidnapped and taken hostage by her own teammates after she was told she needed to arrest and kill her husband. And the fact that she’s now living in the Winter Court, not speaking to her best friend.

Rhialla Carstairs

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