The Brotherhood of Higher Magic

Description: The Brotherhood of Higher Magic is an international organization of magic users dedicated to the study, understanding and proper use of magic. Magic users from all over the world join the ranks of the Brotherhood so they may find a place to study and work on their magic among kindred spirits.

Location: There are many locations in which one may find members of the Brotherhood. The most publicly known are the universities scattered across the world, the largest of which is the university district in Three Rivers. However, the actual headquarters of the Brotherhood is found in their tower in the southwestern region of The Neutral Territory of the Free where most of their senior members live and work.

Membership: Despite its name, the Brotherhood accepts any magic user of any gender. The name comes from the fact that in the time of its inception the original founders were all men and had no idea their little group would grow so large. There was never any intention of exclusion, so not a single eyebrow was raised when the first female applicant was accepted. The name has stayed the same mostly for the sake of continuity.

Leadership: The Brotherhood is led by an archmage who is elected from within the Brotherhood. Magical prowess, contributions to the magical community and, to a lesser extent, seniority are taken into consideration when electing an archmage. The current archmage is an elf named Eo Calafalas who has held the position for the last 200 years.

Purpose: None value the pursuit of knowledge for knowledge’s sake more than Brotherhood. Founded for the purpose of studying and understanding magic and the world around them, their purpose has not changed in the time since.

Symbols: The main symbol of the Brotherhood is an image of a hand with an eight pointed star inscribed on the palm representing the eight schools of magic. There are also secondary symbols within that symbol that can be worn by each member to represent the school of magic they specialize in. Each of these secondary symbols contains a hand with the symbol of that school inscribed on the palm instead of the eight pointed star. These symbols are:

Abjuration: A shield
Conjuration: A spiral
Divination: An eye
Enchantment: Puppet strings
Evocation: A flame
Illusion: A starburst
Necromancy: A skull
Transmutation: An arrow

History: The Brotherhood was originally founded by a group of wizards from across the world who met while studying magic in the Gnome Lands. They realized that they could greatly benefit in their study so they began working together. When their time with the gnomes was over they all kept in correspondence in the years after, adding friends of theirs from their homes to their network of communication. Eventually, several of them reached a point in their research when they would need to be in the same place as their colleagues, so they bought an old fort in the NTF and set up shop there. Over time, many more came to join them and their organization grew, and as it did so did the tower they called home.

The Brotherhood of Higher Magic

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