The Northern Covens

Description: Not an organization in the official sense, the Northern Covens are a collection of groups referred to as one body due to similarities in composition and location. These individual groups are covens of witches and the occasional hag that live together scattered across the northern reaches of the NTF and southern Turos.

Location: These covens have no set location and tend to move around quite a bit. However it can be generally said that they live in the northern sections of The Neutral Territory of the Free, southern parts of Turos, and the mountains between them.

Membership: Membership within the Covens is something one usually has to be born into, however they have been known to take in members who discovered a latent talent for witchcraft on their own.

Leadership: Each of the Covens has their own leadership and nothing really unifies the covens with each other. Their individual leadership structures are almost exclusively matriarchies, led by the eldest member of the coven.

Purpose: Covens exist as a means of working together to perform witchcraft in order to produce more powerful magics. In addition they also serve the purpose of offering a place for witches to feel like they belong and live away from those that fear or don’t understand their power.

Symbols: Any given coven may have symbols within it but there are no unifying symbols that are found across all covens aside from those explicitly necessary for witchcraft.

History: Covens have been around for as long as witchcraft has and have been necessary for the survival’s practice. However, it’s important to note that many covens migrated to the NTF since its founding because of its stance on neutrality and freedom which allows them to live and practice in peace.

The Northern Covens

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