The Steel Wolves

Description: An elusive band of pirates and bandits that solely target those that are transporting or involved in the trade of slaves.

Location: No one is quite sure where they are located exactly but they usually target ships around the eastern sea.

Membership: The exact nature of the group is unknown but witnesses have reported seeing people from every nation and race as members using all kinds of methods of fighting.

Leadership: Not enough is known about this group to discern its leadership.

Purpose: Some believe that this group is just another band of pirates and raiders, though their exclusive pillaging of the slave trade does seem to imply that they might have ulterior motives of some kind.

Symbols: The only thing that ties together attacks by the Steel Wolves is the symbol of a gleaming grey wolf’s head on all of their armor.

History: The only thing that is known about the group’s history is that attacks by the group started about ten or fifteen year ago and have been greatly increasing in the recent months.

The Steel Wolves

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