The Western Guild of Performers

Description: A union of performers including actors, musicians, poets and really anyone that calls themself a performer. Membership is not necessary to be a performer but it makes life easier.

Location: The guild contains performers from all over the west and even a bit of the east. The main guild hall is housed in Aquitane in Chatora.

Membership: Performers can join the guild if they show enough proficiency that the guild would be willing to have their name attached to them and if they pay regular dues to the guild to keep it going.

Leadership: The guild leader is a fairly mysterious person. No one quite knows who they are, though the chain of command seems to stay intact just fine without this knowledge being common.

Purpose: In exchange for their dues, members of the guild are given higher priority for jobs and gain access to the guild’s network of information and references which almost guarantees consistent work for them, which is very important to performers. Membership in the guild acts as a stamp of approval to outsiders which makes them much more likely to hire guild members than non guild members.

Symbols: The symbol of the guild is intricate and difficult to reproduce. It was created by the guild’s visual artists and they are responsible for crafting the stamps and signs used to indicate places or members in the guild.

History: The guild was once just the court performers of the Chatoran king. These performers would gain patronage from the king and stay in his court and perform. They would be rotated out every so often to keep things interesting in the court but once rotated out they would be more sought after because they had performed for the king. Realizing the power in this, they started accepting monetary incentives to recommend other performers to the king. Eventually this group was able to branch out on its own and found the guild.

The Western Guild of Performers

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