Commander Constantine Bayleaf

Constantine Bayleaf

Race: Half-Elf

Class: Cleric

Diety: Rhiost

Companion: None

Birthday: 32nd of Mortal Moon

Current Age: 237, looks like early 30’s

Height: 6’1"

Weight: 165

Physical Description: Of average build, but somewhat on the athletic side. His hair and eyes are both dark and he keeps his face shaved clean. He constantly looks like he hasn’t gotten enough sleep and he’s rarely seen without his commander’s armor on.

Born: The Neutral Territory of the Free

Lived In:

The Neutral Territory of the Free


Hound of Brethos

Commander of the Hounds of Brethos in Bay City

Fighting Style: Warhammer and Spells

Favored Weapons (in order of preference):



Skills: Diplomacy, Healing, and Sense Motive

Languages Spoken: Common, Elven, Celestial


Birth Family: Father: Morix Elphane, Mother: Unknown, Aunt: Eugenia “Auntie” Bayleaf, Cousins: Melawen Bayleaf, Amras Bayleaf

Known Allies: Anton Steelbreaker, Ophelia Pendleton, Nicolas Pendleton, Joseph Curnai, Balthazar, Jace Herondale, Max Lightwood, Darcy Fairchild, Rhialla Carstairs, Zoren Lightwood, James Carstairs, Nynave AlTor, Shun Lao, William Herondale, Eugenia “Auntie” Bayleaf, Patricia Brekkar, Greggor Skaldwyn, Shizune Ieyunaga, Shaun Blair, Melawen Bayleaf, Amras Bayleaf, Reinheart McCall, Niobe Mar’a

Known Enemies: Lord Bonestorm, aka Seven, Alizsah, Anti-Paladin, Name Unknown, Lord Balsh Petrachen, Tabitha, Morix Elphane (Deceased)

Known For: Constantine was one of the few survivors of the unnamed battle that claimed the lives of over half the Hounds of Brethos two centuries ago. A battle their numbers have not recovered from since. He is also known to be a very capable commander and has been since that day.

Backstory: Not much of Constantine’s life before he became a Hound is known. During his career as a Hound he was one of the best, a fact which his father, the commander, was very proud of. He successfully defended the world from evil until the uprising happened. Not much is known about this event. The most anyone has been able to glean is that after some tension caused by differences in ideologies and conflict caused by Constantine’s relationship with Madame Scarlet there was a fight inside the Institute followed by a battle involving all the Hounds of Brethos at the great tomb where they previously buried their dead. After this event Constantine was appointed Commander as well as being seemingly invulnerable and immune to aging. Since then he has served as commander for two centuries.

Commander Constantine Bayleaf

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