Darcy Fairchild

Darcy Agatha Fairchild

Race: Aasimar

Class: Ranger

Diety: Xeraldus

Companion: Moon (Black Wolf)

Birthday: The 1st of Dusk Moon

Current Age: 99

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 112

Physical Description: Busty with copper hair and orange eyes. Has angelic blood and angelic flesh (steel).

Born: In Theroll to parents she knew as Hope and Aurus Fairchild

Lived In:
Theroll (Birth-11)

• Unknown Forest (11-36)

The Neutral Territory of the Free (36-98)

• Winter Court (Current Residence)


• Concubine (36-48)

The Hounds of Brethos (48-98)

• Dancer at Scarlet’s (65-98)

• Owner of The Kink Factory (Current)

• Self-Appointed Mercenary (Current)

Fighting Style: Duel Wielding

Favored Weapons (in order of preference):

• Long-swords

• Teeth

• Crossbow

• war-razors

Skills: Acrobatics, bluffing, climbing, crafting weapons, diplomacy, handling animals, healing,
intimidating, knowledge about dungeonearing, knowledge about geography, knowledge about nature, linguistics, perception, riding, trained courtesan, stealth, survival, swimming, communicating with animals, navigating difficult terrain, and tracking.

Languages Spoken: Common, Celestial, Wolven, Elven, Undercommon, Halfling, and Dwarven.


Birth Family: Hope, Aurus, Aya, and Vicent Fairchild

Orphans she’s taken in: Beshkee, Ragnar, Bel, Eshe, Zekiel, Leyli, Indah, Jordan Rinn, Jax Rinn, Joel Rinn, Revhi, Andrezi, Kyras Zarkanan, Zophia, Tully, Emmarie, Catrina, Nisha, Nyrah, Zoru, Khalessi, Aurilin Dyrr, Din, Seraphina, Lyle, Marigold, Posco

Known Allies: Commander Constantine Bayleaf, Malachai, Remmy Wilson, Rhialla and James Carstairs, Zoren Lightwood, Nynave AlTor, Shun Lao, Joseph Curnai, Madame Scarlet, William Herondale, Queen Mab.

Known Enemies: Governor Aurus Fairchild, Alizsah, Balsh Petrachen, The Exiled (especially Nymador), Anti-Paladin, Name Unknown recently returned from the demon realms, Pedophiles.

Known For: Darcy Fairchild is a vivacious woman known for being mildly feral. She has a very successful record as a Hound of Brethos and was just as successful if not more as a lounge dancer.

Outside of her violent occupation she’s known to start a fight, win said fights, almost start wars, drink, dance, and show up in your bed. It’s also suspected that her extracurricular include hunting and executing pedophiles and then publicly exhibiting their severed heads, but this has never been confirmed.

Backstory: Darcy was a very happy and friendly child. As a girl she was best friends with her mother. She was also very close with the neighbor boy, Mathew. Darcy spent her days playing, asking anyone who could read to do so for her, and knowing things that she shouldn’t have. It was a practically a picture perfect childhood until her father sold Darcy on her eleventh birthday. The deal was brokered by Nymador leaving Darcy with some bitter feelings towards the Exiled and her father. After quite the journey on a slave ship the other slaves rebelled the second the boat docked. Luckily Darcy escaped and found her way to a pack of wolves. Darcy quickly became a part of the pack. Over the years, Darcy learned how to communicate with the animals, hunt, and that meat made her sick forcing her to gather edible foliage. It was an odd childhood, but it was happy. Yet, all good things must come to an end. When Darcy was 36 rumors of a girl in the woods reached some locals and Darcy was captured and forcibly inducted into the life of a courtesan. When she was 48 and considered trained enough her virginity was auctioned off despite her age. The deal didn’t pan out as expected. Darcy didn’t want the man to touch her, he didn’t want to listen. It ended with Darcy dragging a bloody man to the local authorities where he was executed and she was taken in. Darcy found a new place with the Hounds of Brethos and a new pack with Rhialla Blackthorn and Jem Carstairs. She was trained to kill and excelled at it. On top of learning how to fight, Darcy finally learned how to read for herself. When she got wind of her former madame, she slaughtered everyone who had tried to force her into prostitution. Darcy was finally in a good place again, she was a Hound and she got a job dancing at a local brothel with the opposite reputation of the one that trained her to make some extra money and get the names of pedophiles to make sure no children were put in the position she was. Darcy was finally in a position to prove her worth, prove that her father was wrong to send her away and that he pack was right to take her in, and she’s been trying to do so ever since.

Darcy Fairchild

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