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Important Dates:

6th The Orcish Moot: Held each year in their home of the Gnome Lands, this is the largest gathering of orcs of the year. Historically, this would be when all the tribes of orcs would gather to choose new leaders, trade and communicate with each other. Now it acts as a day for the orcs to pause and remember their heritage. The Gnomes respect this tradition and free the orcs from their pledge on this day allowing them the freedom to celebrate their history.

10th The Chatoran Festival of Banners- A massive feast day in Chatora celebrating the nobility and their knights. Each noble house parades into the capitol flying their banners as they ride through the street. The festival comes to a climax at a three day long jousting tournament. The winner of this tournament is crowned the Banner Champion for the year and earns a place at the king’s table at the feast afterwards s well as a standing invitation to the castle for any member of the winning knight’s house.

19th The Dwarven Feast of the Stone- A day for dwarves to celebrate the bounty of the stone and take a break from fighting the gnomes. There aren’t many holidays in dwarven culture so the Feast of the Stone encompasses a large portion of dwarven celebration for the year.

24th The Ingjardian Day of Fire- The second of Ingjard’s four holidays. This holiday celebrates the spirits of fire. Offerings to the spirits are burned and the only thing tying the food at the feast together is that it was cooked so this ends up being the largest of the Ingjardian feasts.

Insight Moon

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